Tea Towel or Dish Towel?

Whilst being popular throughout the world, it turns out that tea towels are not universally referred to by that name. To refer to a cloth for drying dishes, the English, Australians and New Zealanders prefer ‘tea towel’, while Americans use ‘dish towel’.

Google Trends is a great tool where you can have a look at the popularity of a search term, and drill down to see how this is spread geographically, among other things. A quick check of Google Trends for ‘tea towel’ shows darkened areas over the UK, Australia and New Zealand, revealing them as the source of most ‘tea towel’ searches.

Google Trends Map for tea towels

Above: a Google Trends map for the search term ‘tea towels’ Continue reading “Tea Towel or Dish Towel?”

Our Story: Part 1

Firstly, welcome to the new blog of the Radical Tea Towel Company. Our old blog was quite rubbish, so now we’ve re-launched properly with a promise to write some decent content rather than procrastinating with constant tea-making. We have loads of great articles planned that we can’t wait to share with you, so make sure you subscribe to updates via email or RSS on the sidebar!

Now enter Beatrice for our first post, and a bit about the background to this strange phenomenon of radical tea towels, which have been stoking revolution in kitchens from California to Basingstoke… Continue reading “Our Story: Part 1”