Washing Up Hacks to Save Water

Washing up needn’t be something you hate! You can see it as a calming routine which forces you to detach from the usual electronic stimulants and daily distractions. And while you’re at it, why not make it a goal to cut down on water wastage too?

1. Use a large plastic bowl within the sink to save about half the volume of water necessary to fill an empty sink. This also saves you time!

Plastic bowl

2. Make the water as hot as possible, using gloves to avoid burning yourself. The hot water will make it a lot easier to remove tough stains quickly.


3. Avoid washing up using a running tap. If you don’t have a plastic bowl, just put the plug in the sink and fill it that way. The running tap method uses far more water than a sink or dishwasher.


4. Wash the cleanest-looking glasses, cutlery and plates first, and leave the dirtiest pots and pans ‘til the end. This saves you having to refill the sink if the water gets too dirty early on.


5. Pans with really tough dirt should be left to soak for a bit, while you wash the other dishes. No, you can’t use this as an excuse to forget about the dishes altogether!

Dirty pan

6. Scrape food off plates before putting them in the sink, and pour any excess grease in pans and trays into some used tin foil which you can then bin, before putting the pans in the sink.

Organic waste

7. Consider a dishwasher. Modern versions are a lot more efficient than in the past and usually save more water and energy than washing by hand. There’s normally an eco-setting too that is just as effective for most washes as the default. Just make sure you fill the dishwasher up, otherwise it does begin wasting water. But be careful to make sure the arms can still rotate without obstruction!

Photo Credit: Riverside Dreamer via Compfight cc

8. Stop putting off getting that tap leak fixed. Not only is it wasting water but it’s likely to be causing damage to surrounding surfaces and cupboards.

Leaky tap


Congratulations – you’ve saved a load of water from going through nasty chemical treatment!

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