Tea Towels in the Classroom

We love finding radical tea towels in unusual places. It’s common to find people have framed Gandhi and put him on the wall rather than dare to get the great pacifist wet!

Nathalie Ramirez Anderson, an English teacher at the Mary Erskine School in Edinburgh, Scotland, has taken the tea-towels-as-posters phenomenon to a whole new level – and we heartily approve. She pinned up a total of eleven radical tea towels on her classroom wall, and they make quite a sight (seven visible):

Tea Towels in the Classroom

From left to right: Emmeline Pankhurst, Rosa Luxemburg, Wiliam Wilberforce, Thomas Paine, Aung Sang Suu Kyi, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King. The tea towels, not the kids, silly!

We got in touch with Nathalie having seen her pictures:“They frequently prompt interesting discussion from the kids and other staff members who come in,” she told us. “They are so colourful and are a fantastic way to brighten the classroom as well as educate.”

Hearing these words filled us with delight here at the Radical Tea Towel Company. Every time we pack up a tea towel to post somewhere around the world we feel a little joy in the idea of spreading interesting ideas and inspirational messages from these great figures of radical history.

Office Tea Towels

Above: Gandhi, Che Guevera and the suffragettes compete with South Park’s Cartman for wall space in the office

This is in fact what keeps our passion for the whole RTC project alive! So the thought of hundreds of school children being introduced to Emmeline Pankhurst and co. for the first time through our tea towels really made us pleased. And it’s good to see a healthy mix of female as well as male role models on the wall. Should make a change from the usual high school curriculum emphasis on World War Two history!

Are you aware of our tea towels being used in interesting locations such as a school? Do you have any examples of them spurring interesting discussion and debate? We’d love to hear your anecdotes.

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